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Balkon & Garten Nr. 33

I love the hand-sewn binding on the latest issue of Balkon & Garten. (Those in Berlin can swing by Do you read me?! to take a peek.)


Lovely feel to the paper, isn't it! And the two perspectives in your photograph are charmingly three-dimensional!

are you in this edition of B&G too? see your name listed but the online edition is so very small

I am, with the image in this post. Jo, the cover's lovely, isn't it!

Yes! What a good trick to the eye - and such a subtle soothing colour!

Thanks for sharing your best of the best addresses in amazing Berlin !
I'm coming back for a few days and i wont miss your tips

best /
the factualist /
www.thefactualist.blogspot.com /

Factualist, I'm glad you enjoyed the tips. Let me know if you make any good discoveries on your next trip!

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