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French yogurt cupcakes

Nothing extraordinary, not even anything very new, just some cupcakes I made last week for a buffalo-themed potluck, using Bobalis buffalo milk yogurt, naturellement, and Dorie Greenspan's recipe. My head has felt overfull of late and inevitably I've done too little, but I'm catching up now, putting together the photographs that will accompany my little talk at Interesting Berlin and baking cookies and writing emails and, oh, all the usual things.

By the way, have you got a favorite stationery shop in Berlin? I need to buy the perfect blank book to be S's birthday book, brimful of love, this year and for future Junes too.


I did a taste taste of these versus Clotilde Dusoulier and Dorie's won. Especially with a bitter marmalade glaze.

G, how funny, I've made both too, and also heartily prefer Dorrie's. (Clotilde's always turns out runny in the middle for me, and the batter curdles sometimes too.) I love your Tuesdays with Dorrie series, by the way.

Hi Sylee, I just came back from the Kräuterwanderung! For blank books, I think Modulor in Kreuzberg has the biggest selection but it's almost overwhelming. Have you been to Schwesterherz in Friedrichshain? It has gifts, Papeterie, coffee and smoothies and is very cute. Their stationery section is smaller and doesn't have so many different blank books but it's worth a visit anyway because everything is so nice.

Leslie, thank you for the tips! Yvonne told me about Modulor ages ago and I still haven't manage to visit, can you believe it? And you're right, I stopped by Schwesterherz the other day exploring and was very charmed by it. What did you think of the Kräuterwanderung?

Well, I kind of messed up with the Kräuterwanderung because I was disorganized and arrived an hour late without any plastic bag for collecting. It also rained so the tour was cut a bit short. But Elizabeth was really interesting and nice, I learned a lot, and I was amazed how much Bärlauch there is still growing in the woods there. I've never really had it before (only seen it at market stands) so I hope to go back soon and collect some.

Modulor is really great, though expensive. You'll like all the little bins of special different kinds of erasers, clips, rubber bands.

hi, maybe you've already found your perfect notebook? if not, it might be worth trying RSVP on mulackstraße (http://rsvp-berlin.de/onlineshop), they aren't exactly on the cheap side but have lovely stationary - i really like their notebooks and cards. or else boesner in prenzlauer berg has a great selection of simple sketch books that would make fabulous notebooks too (http://www.boesner.com/).

p.s.: just discovered your blog and love it. the design is fantastic too. really have to do something about mine, i guess...

Leslie, how interesting! I hadn't realized the Bärlauch is still growing either. I'm always up for a Bärlauch-gathering date you know! & those little bins are so dangerously tempting, no? Are there other good art supplies shops you enjoy here? & btw do you have a favorite place to get your photos printed?

Kristina, thanks for your comment! You're right, I should have another look at RSVP. I was last there a couple of months ago but that was before I had the idea of a birthday book. (I did go to their little outpost in Kopenhagener Straße and bought the nicest birthday card with a simple red and white Japanese print.) Hope you'll visit again -- we seem to like many of the same places.

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