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Fruit tree honey at Kollwitzplatz market


While the Saturday market at Kollwitzplatz can feel too overfull to be borne, the Thursday one is is still a treat. I'll meet Clare for waffles and a tea, then chat with the vegetable seller on the best way to prepare rhubarb. Afterwards, I might be drawn in by the olive oil seller's patter, and a few stalls down will be convinced to try the beekeeper's new honeys. He was quite right when he said the Obstbl├╝tenhonig, collected and jarred just a few weeks ago, is not to be missed. You taste our radiant April in a mouthful, and, stirred into black tea, the honey makes a humdrum morning divine. Watch out for him tomorrow: he might have a few more jars!

Organic market at Kollwitzplatz (map)
Thursdays from noon to 7pm


what a good idea to go thursdays - i've stopped going saturdays quite a while ago because i found it just too crowded... will try this then!

Do they still have Rhubarb? I've been dying to try out this cordial recipe, but I haven't seen any for weeks. I assumed german rhubarb season had ended...



Do you know the guy who sells those cakes in jars? He has the more gorgeous lemon thyme fleur de sel. All you need is a pinch of that and a drizzle of olive oil over white fish for an easy and elegant summer meal!

Kristina, there are some really nice food stalls on Thursdays and the vibe is just so much more low-key, so it's really more my style.

Katie, yum! Skye's recipe looks fantastic and I'd love to try it too. I'm not positive if they still have it but I'll keep my eyes open, and bring a few stalks along on Wednesday night if I'm lucky!

Antiques Diva, I love that guy too. I'm dying to make my own cake in jars. Have you tried his red tapenade? So perfect to tuck into the cupboard for a lazy easy meal some night.

How is honey better than sugar and what are some good points of honey?

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