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Organic ice cream at Pappa e Ciccia


I've long savored Pappa e Ciccia's sweets (they were a front-runner in Berlin's "New York cheesecake" craze) so imagine my excitement when I learned they were opening an organic ice cream shop next door. I was too slow to alert you to the free ice cream last Wednesday, but let me assure you, a scoop of raspberry and basil is well worth the euro it will cost you.

Pappa e Ciccia, Schwedter Str. 18 (map)
Tel + 49 30 616 20801
The ice cream shop is open weekdays 1pm-10pm, weekends noon-10pm.


Now this IS news!

Things seem to be going topsy-turvey up in Berlin, whereas down here we are having trouble even finding people who know that 'organic' is not something to fear/dangerous/rubbish/a trick of the trade etc.

So happy for you! And thanks for the address. Hope it comes in handy soon!

Take care,

oh cool! just a few days ago i was riding my bike past the new shop and was wondering what exactly they sell (was in a hurry, so couldn't take a closer look...). will check it out soon!

Jo, does that mean you'll be in Berlin soon? I'm up for ice cream anytime!

& Kristina, tell me if the other flavors are good. I'm dying to try the strawberry and mint next.

Hello again,

Unfortunately not, too pregnant... But next year hopefully.
Strawberry + mint, yummy!

Jo, really?! What delightful news -- when are you due?

Really! Due in just seven to eight weeks. Time flies...! Looks like it's a girl, too!

Jo, such happy happy news. I would love to post you a little something when she arrives -- will you let me have your address in an email (there's a link in the left column)?

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