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This summer


The sky was full of an eerie, apocalyptic light when I rushed out just after nine to catch the setting sun on the longest day of the year, and turning homeward I saw a rainbow that seemed to end at our building. At bedtime, the courtyard kept flashing with lightning. What sort of this summer will this be?


In my opinion, summer seems to be over. This is September in disguise... all the better, makes it easier to stay inside at the desk and work, I suppose...

You caught a very special moment - what lighting.
I remember Björk once saying that in Iceland it would be self-destructive to make ones moods depend on the weather...
Summer will be. Beautiful.

Too true, Bleistifterin. Jo, you're very wise. And our reward appears to be something approaching a perfect June day -- in your neck of the woods too, I hope?

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