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London treats

London will fade if I'm not quick so let me just note for myself and and perhaps for you a few gems that I was led to or stumbled upon in our brief stay in London.

Such a delight to meet Tamami at Broadway Market and try one of her brownies and a slice of chocolate cake after following her adventures on her blog for some months! And I couldn't take my eyes off the fudge display at a stall further down: pictured above is one of the more lurid examples. Now I'm daydreaming of doing something similar in Berlin // One could do worse than pop into Ping Pong Dim Sum to grab a quick bite and go to the bathroom and marvel at the sterile, friendly charm of it all (nothing like it in [my] Berlin) before buying sandwiches at A. Gold then finishing the extravagence with espressos at Market Coffee House. // I bought S two cunning jars of yogurt and a basket of blueberries at La Fromagerie and she was in heaven. // There must be few nicer ways to enjoy a crisp, radiant London evening than protected by the glass roof in the Wallace Collection's courtyard, watching a beloved friend dance in her white dress. // And Tommy was quite right to include Fortnum & Mason on her list. Watching the women clad in green linen lunch in the first-floor ice cream parlor was heaven, and we've been enjoying our smoky Earl Grey every day since we returned.

Was there more? There was: I will add it if I remember.


I'm loving catching up on all your posts and so homesick for Berlin. Then again, I'm also homesick for London now, since I love Fortnum & Mason and this fudge looks beyond delicious. So nice to have a place to go when the ostalgie sets in...

i'll make sure to take a printout of your post with me the next time i'm off to london! sounds all very tempting!!

Melanie, I thought of you the other day when they had the tagliatelle with gebackene Schinken on the menu. I wish you were here! & Kristina, A. Gold is really a treasure. Check out Tommy's list, it's full of reliable advice.

I love observing the social x-rays at F&M. I had lunch in the Fountain restaurant the other day and there was one who didn't take her sunglasses off throughout the entire time.

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