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Proper scones and forgotten jams (and architecture)

Now let me tell you, the only thing better than going to a stimulating architecture-themed Stammtisch is going to said Stammtisch and being presented with four perfect scones, two plain, two studded with raisins. By eight o'clock this morning, not a crumb was left. (If we'd managed to hold out a little longer, the photo above might not have such a blueish cast.)

Alongside his work as an architectural writer, Jim also bakes British treats with his partner, supplying a few very lucky Kreuzberg cafes and individuals with cakes, scones and cordials. Find more on Hudson's here and here. Aren't you dying to sample that sour cherry and beetroot cake?

Speaking of sour cherries, last night I had sterling intentions of bringing along some sour cherry jam. Inspired by this low-sugar recipe I had attacked my cherry supply yesterday afternoon. I used far less than the 1:1 ratio of sugar to fruit that most cherry jam recipes stipulate, sprinkling 280 grams of (pitted) sour cherries with just 40 grams of sugar -- but when I had a taste I was convinced it was just the sweet pucker I was after. Simmer the sugared fruit for about a half-hour or until the juices have thickened. In my haste I forgot the jar on my kitchen windowsill. Jim & Katie: next time!


I could murder a scone! With clotted cream and jam and all...

Any chance for the recipe?

Glad to hear you enjoyed them - look forward to meeting up and trying out new recipes with you in future x

@bleistifterin - sorry, family secret!

Looks delicious!! Scones are really so underrated. They are the best! And then with low sugar!!

Jo, let me tell you, it was a treat!
Bleistifterin, David makes a very different scone -- more crumbly, less fluffy -- using a recipe I can find for you if you like.
Katie, yes please!
And Emilia, yes, even a dab of something sweet completes a scone, no?

it looks so delicious.
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Thanks for sharing!Your articles it is wonderful!!

Looks delicious!! Scones are really so underrated. They are the best! And then with low sugar!!

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