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The sky in the summer (crossing the bridge)

If one day I should leave Berlin this photo would pierce me with an unbearable longing. For now it's a commonplace view, just another summer sky on the way home at night.


Nice picutre, I see what you mean. I think with that warm, campfireish radiance it also conveys those typical German connotations of "home".

beautiful shot. it's the bridge between kopenhagener and dänische straße, no? i love the way the kids are always waiting for the trains to pass and wave at them.

Having left, I can say that you're right, and it's doing it to me instead.

Beethoven: I paused to enjoy your phrase "campfireish radiance".
Kristina: *I* always notice those children! In fact I'm just working them into an essay I'm writing. Our paths will have to cross soon, no?
EfB: I'm glad you understand.

And now I also feel such pangs that my child is no longer among those children on the bridge, one of his favorite places to stop on the way home from the kita.

EfB, I can't wait until it's S dawdling by that railing.

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