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Greengages at Kollwitzplatz Market

All I knew is that these fruit were beautiful in their battered French crate, perched on the edge of the market stall holder's table. If only I had recognized them as the much talked-about greengage (also known as Reine Claude plums or Edel-Pflaume). Next Thursday I will fill a paper bag and gorge on them all weekend long.

Meanwhile: Really, Mexican food? (excited)


I was excited about the Mexican food alert, too. Shall we try it out together sometime?

How utterly delicious! I wonder how the stall holder came about them.

Greengages are in the book that is in the letter I am about to send you - Robert Graves eats unripe ones scared up by an Army doctor, while recovering from injuries so severe that he is put on the casualty list during the Great War. How nice to have a visual!

this blog is great- I know nothing about berlin lifestyle and design- this is my peek in!


Hi! It was great to find your blog before going to Berlin. I think it's the most complete and diverse of all about the city.
What I would like to ask you is if you know any Ceramic Supply Store there..do you?

thanks so much and congratulations for you blog!

Jo, the tag on the crate of fruit said they were from Verdun. I did indeed buy a bagful (though at my local organic shop rather than at the market) and they were densely aromatic, a real treat.
Katherine, I can't wait.
Dallas, glad you're enjoying it!
Helena, I love ceramics but don't know about where the artists buy their supplies. You might contact Kaja and Thomas at the Ceramics Center, they might be able to help. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks for the info!:)

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