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6 posts from August 2009

Beautiful Wooden Toys

Wünsch' Dir Was has the best wooden toys, and Ursula Wünsch is such a charmer! I can't wait until S is old enough to join one of her creative afternoon courses.

The view from the window

More blurry, sunny days.

Chard, Life

Life has been like this photo: out-of-focus, full of color. I've been spending a lot of time on the playground, watching S explore the sand, pull herself up to standing against the wooden posts, go racing across the little bridge, her bottom waggling in the most adorable crawl you can imagine. In the evenings, if I'm lucky, I make a sour cherry and apricot cobbler, or steam a few ears of sweet corn, or braise chard and onions until they melt and meld into a tangy puree. Other nights I'm in bed by nine. Before I close my eyes I stop to shiver at the days contracting. Have you noticed the autumnal slant to the light?

Greengages at Kollwitzplatz Market

All I knew is that these fruit were beautiful in their battered French crate, perched on the edge of the market stall holder's table. If only I had recognized them as the much talked-about greengage (also known as Reine Claude plums or Edel-Pflaume). Next Thursday I will fill a paper bag and gorge on them all weekend long.

Meanwhile: Really, Mexican food? (excited)

Champagne currants

These berries are just too beautiful to be true. Will you share a favorite recipe with me?

Sunday ice cream

I've been plagued by a succession of summer colds but despite my dogged cough I ventured out into the sudden heat. A scoop of bean-speckled vanilla ice cream worked wonders on my sore throat.