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At the market


Buoying to find myself existing in the world, after a stretch where my little project of recording moments seemed so interior and evanescent, where my posts, again, fell away. Thank you to Melanie and Krista for kind words.

Days remain devoted to summer's long adieu. I couldn't resist the market yesterday afternoon. It was full of a dozen still lifes (sunflowers, pears, squash) and a dozen tableaux, of which this exchange between vegetable seller and elderly woman was my favorite.


what a fabulous photo! so full of stories.

i know what you mean about the long adieu... have a good start to the new week.

Love the photo..Love shopping in outdoor fruit and vegetable stalls in Germany, so colorful and vivid!

New York was full of elderly residents, it seemed on our just-ended visit, navigating the ceaseless city with rickety aplomb. How it made me smile.

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