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6 posts from September 2009

At the playground


Look up...


... and you might still feel it was spring.

Mushrooms at the market


Now if my last post hasn't tempted you to visit the local market surely this display of mushrooms will. I am dreaming of fragrant, woodsy soups and candles flickering against our kitchen tiles.

At the market


Buoying to find myself existing in the world, after a stretch where my little project of recording moments seemed so interior and evanescent, where my posts, again, fell away. Thank you to Melanie and Krista for kind words.

Days remain devoted to summer's long adieu. I couldn't resist the market yesterday afternoon. It was full of a dozen still lifes (sunflowers, pears, squash) and a dozen tableaux, of which this exchange between vegetable seller and elderly woman was my favorite.

Zucchini blossoms at the market


A wonderful stand has (re)appeared at the Kollwitzplatz market on Thursdays, selling these gorgeous zucchini blossoms (10 for a euro) and tiny potatoes the size of marbles too. Look out for them tomorrow!

Summer polenta gratin


I've called this summer polenta gratin though the light is decidedly autumnal now. Such beautiful peppers in the shops just now!