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Mushrooms at the market


Now if my last post hasn't tempted you to visit the local market surely this display of mushrooms will. I am dreaming of fragrant, woodsy soups and candles flickering against our kitchen tiles.


Hi there,

I'm a market addict. So there's a tip for you: Do you know the Farmers Market at Wittenbergplatz (opposite the KaDeWe)? Beautiful. It takes place every thursday. I got some pics at my blog: www.makingofeden.blogspot.com

Absolutely!love!your blog!

Cheers, Anna

oh so pretty. did you take your photo at kollwitzplatz?

happy weekend!

Anna, thank you so much for your tip. How timely! A friend had also suggested going there, and we strolled through the market last Thursday. The smoked fish looked incredible. Thanks for the link!

Kristina, yes, goood old Kollwitzplatz. I can never resist the short bike ride there when it's sunny. Hope you're enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Hi there! I have been looking for farmers markets here in Berlin. I know about the one at Kollwitzplatz but not the one by KaDeWe will be sure to check it out. Do you have any tips on pick your own farms close to Berlin?

Foodie in Berlin, if you'd like to pick your own cherries, apples and plums (Mirabellen, Pflaumen, Zwetschgen) without spending a dime or leaving the city, check out a scavenger's guide at http://www.mundraub.org/ with its wonderful, reliable overview of fruit-bearing trees throughout the city. (I find it easiest to enter my postcode in the Google search field at the bottom of the map.)

I did all this research on pick-your-own places around Berlin, determined to gather and jam my own crops of strawberries, blueberries, cherries & more -- and then promptly left the city for most of June and July. I'm cross with myself for having the missed the season for so many treats, but have high hopes for apple picking and perhaps Zwetschgen as well. Anyhow, there are some ideas here:


Oh, and welcome to Berlin! It's always great to see the city through fresh eyes.

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