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Second Advent: Dahlem Christmas Markets


Walk through the black winter forest to the lake, admiring the trunks mossed a fluorescent green. Covet, then buy a pair of cream and clover mittens knit by a twinkling grandmother with a weaver's studio in Brandenburg. Take part in the call-and-response led by the storyteller on a velvet throne thronged by engrossed toddlers and cavorting Dalmatians. Appreciate the fact that the Jagdschloss Grunewald's Christmas market snack situation is really quite good (rosemary potatoes, fish soup out of a cauldron).

On the bus back, impetuously alight at the Domäne Dahlem stop. Be pleased to be back at a beloved Christmas market. Admire, once again, the extraordinary indigo work on offer. Buy too many jams (more on those later). Drop by the local bookshop on the way home and be grateful for booksellers so unerring in their appraisal of your taste. Spend the evening on the sofa immersed in short stories while your daughter draws pencil loops on the hallway walls.


Next week we'll be in Stockholm. Do you know cozy cafés we should visit or blogs we should consult?

I hope to compile a little Berlin guide of evergreen favorites for Christmas gifts, but let me alert you now to the beautiful 2010 calendar that Balkon & Garten has produced (below). It's on special offer today for only €6 + postage!



Sylee, this is a very touching post to read. You capture the spirit so well.

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