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Spring bouquet on a snowy day

Now the silver sky is full of snow I'm especially glad to have this photo of Tuesday's golden light.



Dear husband was equally as fascinated! "oooh", he said, "it looks like out of the habitat catalogue".

Thanks for posting some sunshine, the sky is silver here, too (sometimes grey...)


Ahh this brought a smile to my face this cold sleepy morning - thank you!

Beautiful. It's snowing here in New York, too. Still missing Berlin....

Jo, Mr. Spittler is too sweet!
Catherine & EfB, it's been sustaining me these past few days. Light was bouncing about our flat so beautifully earlier this week too! But now the temperatures have crept above freezing the days seem positively balmy.

i so know what you mean about the days feeling balmy when it's above freezing. funny that. i still remember shivering at +15 when autumn came round...

and yes, taking pictures of the light in one's flat is a safe bet to make one happy!

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