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The cup that cheers

Just the briefest pause before going back to the suitcases (and that's Sonnentor's Ingwer Sonne in the cup, in case you're curious). If the skies allow, I'll be on a plane to Washington DC early tomorrow morning, with a long weekend in Brooklyn to follow. Tips for both places are as always welcome! & I will try to post while gone, though I make no promises.


Safe journey!

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interesting comment, zy22gemma. S - hope the snow hasn't thwarted your landing or driving. I'm sure you'll be full of things to do in NYC, but don't miss the new High Line park.

Wow I love your blog: such serene, beautiful pictures!

I love your blog and your sense of what is beautiful and meaningful. It makes me want to come to Berlin! Many blessings...

Hello there. I used to visit your blog very often last summer, before coming to Berlin. Your posts and tip about little caf├ęs, restaurants, markets and shops were so so useful and made my holiday really special. This morning I woke up missing Berlin so much, and I realized I've never thanked you. So, well, thank you and keep up the good job! :)

Hi there, I've just discovered your blog and love love love it. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait for your next post.

How was your trip?!?! Wondering if you got caught in all that crazy DC weather... Hope you were able to make it to Brooklyn!

Amazing to come home to so many kind words -- thank you all so much for writing!

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