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3 posts from March 2010

Transcendent apple juice


Whenever we want to celebrate we buy a bottle of Familie Barenthin's apple juice. Find their juices and jams at Sgaminegg; I also spotted them selling at the Karl August Platz market last summer. (What we're celebrating now? The beginning of our holiday; we're off to the Isle of Mull in a few minutes.)

Afternoon snacks at Max Liebermann Villa

I still feel between two worlds; owe an impossible number of friends emails and apologies; have so much to do. Nevertheless, an idle moment at the Max Liebermann Villa, where the poppy cake and hot chocolate were as exquisite as Vanessa described.


When I reached DC, there were two feet of snow on the ground; the day after, another foot fell. This induced a certain forgetful, otherworldly feeling. A fortnight later, visiting a dear friend in Clinton Hill, I woke and relished the sun sparkling off the ceiling.

And then we were back, and I made an apple walnut cake to celebrate. I'm eating a slice now. Quiet days to follow.