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Balcony report

So disorganized with my planting this year, but at least my chives have returned. What have you got growing on your balcony?


I'm embaressed to say this but I've only ever had bad luck with plants and feel it's cruel to inflict my gardening skills on them so for the moment, there's nothing out there.

hi, i've found your website through my webserver which shows me the websites where's my homepage linked or introduced. and i'm really glad to find here and you, it's so nice and refreshing to me! i've subscribed your blog already.
thanks a lot for announcing my name by the post with 'r.s.v.p papier in mitte' and i hope you have a nice, sunny weekend!
..about the plants on the balcony, i wish eagerly to have a balcony in my house!!

Vanessa, I have to admit I've had pretty bad luck too, but a haphazard scattering of seeds has borne fruit more than once. My in-laws gave me the tip of protecting window boxes with plastic wrap until the seedlings emerge. Cilantro, chives and peppermint have been the easiest so far. Good luck!

Su-pyo, thanks so much for your comment. It was lovely to have a browse through your website and see your latest illustrations. A good weekend to you too!

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