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Chestnut fingers


Soft leaves unfurling against a brick wall are the essence of spring in Berlin.


I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. Nice to have some sunshine and a chance to enjoy spring at last.

Oh, the longing for! Hubby was in Berlin shortly yesterday.

Him "Ich hätte gerne eine Bulette"
Sales Lady "Mmm"
Him "Mit Brötchen"
Sales Lady"Das och noch"

But we love it! And all your little reports, hope to see you in person one day!


The photos are just fantastic, I'm looking forward to Germany this summer!

I was supposed to fly to Berlin today but the Icelandic volcano has other plans for us. I'm rebooking our trip and wondering where to stay (the place we were going to stay has no rooms available. Do you have any recommendations for nice, not expensive, places to stay? Love your blog by the way - feeling very inspired (and deeply disappointed not to be in Berlin today).

Vanessa, yes!

Jo, I used to hate that Berliner Schnauze; now I've begun to cultivate a certain sharpness in my own tone. Won't you and Linda tag along someday? Would be lovely to rendezvous under the chestnut trees!

NSK, where in Germany will you be?

& Natasha, yes, my in-laws are currently stranded in Glasgow for a fifth (!) day. re: accommodation, well, there are (ahem) the sponsored links at the bottom of my sidebar, or there's a deeply unglamorous but reasonably priced pension on my street: http://pension-marie.de/, but otherwise, I have the local's usual problem of never knowing about hotels. Good luck!

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