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Esst Obst!


I've long loved these simple paper bags so when I saw Do you read me?!'s FoodMarketo contribution I had to smile.


hi - thanks for the link! we enjoy the poster too! :)

They are beautiful.

Just wonderful - thanks for sharing :-)

hello! just discovered this wonderful (and useful) blog, and what's more - discovered myself listed under "future berliners" - wow!! i take it as an omen;) how did you know i crave for moving to berlin?? ;)

this blog is really good. but who are you??

schöne grüße von ieva

Jerome, I hope you're having fun!

Jo & Vanessa, thank you.

Ieva, thank you too, so much! And fingers crossed: Berlin could use more turquoise cups.

we are going to have another FoodMarketo - in London this time, for the design festival in september - please visit us if you are around!

Jerome, thank you for the heads up. Won't you come to Berlin sometime too?

That would be great to come and do a FoodMarketo in Berlin!
details of London's FoodMarketo (next week) are on the website http://foodmarketo.com/

come and visit us for a coffee!

Jerome, do! I'd love to help make it happen. & good luck in London for now...

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