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Slowly, slowly


This dawdling, halting spring!


oh, were did you discover these beauties?

i'm so loving the cherry blossom trees at the end of kopenhagener strasse at the moment. i think i may be a little obsessed even. winter was just too long.

spring has definitely arrived over here. this weekend, my kitchen made strawberry rhubarb sauce, green garlic soup, and chicken roasted with fennel!

Love your picture - everything still seems do fragile with the weather though, as if spring is afraid to step outside. At least the buds on the trees have opened at last.

Kristina: At Domäne Dahlem! The Easter egg hunt wasn't quite what I had hoped, but who could resist the eerie pleasures of a carousel ride -- my daughter's first.

Delphine: Lucky, lucky you! I made Bärlauch soup a few weeks ago and that felt like the culinary beginning; then this weekend we made rhubarb jam. Yum.

Vanessa: It is taking flight now, no? Thank heavens.

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