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Café Bravo in Auguststraße


I do love a buzzer with aplomb, and anyway Café Bravo's glass walls are a godsend when it's drizzling and you want to be outside without being outside. In better weather the cobblestone courtyard remains a relative idyll though sometimes there are hordes.

Café Bravo, Auguststraße 69, Berlin-Mitte (map)
Open M 9am-8pm, T-Sat 9am til whenever, Sun 10am-8pm
Tel. 49-30-2345 7777


Thanks for the tip - I always enjoy trying out your recommendations. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier about Charlottenburg. A nice place for a coffee is 1900 Café bistro in Knesebeckstraße, you could browse through the art and photography books at Bücherbgen or the English ones at Marga Schoeller, all close to Savignyplatz. What happened to the sunshine? Even at 3pm, I struggle to find enough light for indoor photos.

Oh look, somewhere I have actually been!
You don't happen to know any nice and reasonable hotels / pension in Berlin, Sylee?


Vanessa, thank you for the tip! I ended up at Ruhland & Ruhland, but will have to try the 1900 bistro when I pick up my knives next week.

Jo, I know! & re: the hotels/pensions, you know, I don't, and really wish I did, because people keep asking me. I stayed at the Cirus Hostel in 1998 when it was still Am Zirkus just north of Friedrichstraße, and since then it's been flats for me. But I would love to try to match you up with friends out of town when you want to be here -- I do know my share of people who come and go.

I like this cafe too. And the museum it is annexed to usually has interesting exhibits (modern)...

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