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Cherry blossoms north of the Bösebrücke


I hope the driving rain that's falling won't extinguish the lane of cherry blossoms before you've had a chance to see them. There yesterday and now I'll know to make a pilgrimage north of Norwegerstraße each spring.


Spectacular! I love them.

I hope so too because now I really want to go there. Annoyingly, I have plentyof time today but it's no good for photos. Everything is so fragile and beautiful. Amazing picture!

ExpatsAgain, it really is a special, forgotten stretch.

Vanessa, the weather's dreadful, isn't it? But we were planning an excursion to Charlottenburg to run various errands and if you have any tips of places to visit, do let me know.

Fantastic that is beautiful energy and a excellent photo!

I enjoyed that same alley of blossoms during the anti-Nazi demonstration last weekend.

Gorgeous. Thanks for the tip. I also hope they could stand up to today's rain!

Luci, yay!

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