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A walk around the lakes (Grunewald to Schlachtensee)


I took the train to the Grunewald station and followed Auerbachstraße until it turned into a cobblestone path leading to Lake Hundekehl. 


I crossed the woods and emerged onto Lake Grunewald. I was tempted to stop at the Forsthaus Paulsborn but followed the Lange Luch instead.


When I got to Krumme Lanke the clouds broke and the leaves went gold.


By the time I reached Schlachtensee, S was ready to play so we stopped at the Fischerhütte. She spun around the playground carousel while I tucked into tea and cake. We strolled along the southern bank of the lake, and then it was time to catch the train home.

Forsthaus Paulsborn, Hüttenweg 90 am Grunewaldsee, Berlin-Grunewald (map)
Tel. 030 / 81 81 91 0
Open daily from 11am

Die Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee, Fischerhüttenstraße 136, Berlin- (map)
Tel. 030 / 80 49 83 10
Open daily from 9am


Should you be wondering, the title of this post is a reference to a book by Hunter Davies which I am currently reading aloud to Ms Reified at bedtime. Sadly it is proving to be a little too interesting for winding-down purposes.

Thanks for the info David and to you Sylee for the lovely walk. How nice that you got there to see a little sunshine reflected in the water and that S. also enjoyed herself.

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