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Such moments of ugly beauty are dwindling

I've been looking for this shade of metallic lilac in linen so I could have a summer dress made. No luck yet.


I'm always looking for the perfect scarlet red - not summery, I know, but the designs I like are too expensive and high street chains go for acid yellow and orange. Not easy... The lilac looks very pretty.

have you tried karstadt am hermannplatz or the fabric stalls at the turkish market on maybachufer? (that being said, the last time i've been to that market it was so crowded i almost fled the scene.) then there's the linen shop near the bottom of schönhauser allee, when you go down the hill on the right hand side. they have a huge selection of simple linens and cotton fabrics.

Kristina, you're right, I should try Karstadt. I went to that linen shop and found gorgeous fabrics but sadly not the pale rose-lilac I'm craving... A friend also sent me this list of fabric shops in Berlin and online to try that I might as well post here too:


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