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A tree grows in Moritzplatz


Wouldn't we all like to make our own seasons? Take a bare set of branches (a beautiful deep impression), stamp on petals and birds at will, and find yourself in mid-spring, deep summer, or elsewhere.  Nicole Bednarzyk and Sylke Rademacher dreamt up this set, on sale at their stylish shop dedicated to sustainable design, schœner.wærs.wenns.schœner.wær. Alongside their own creations you'll find all manner of home accessories, sweet toys and -- rare for Berlin -- exquisite stationery, backed by a sleek espresso bar. (James, this will be your thank-you card, but for now: the books are amazing.)

schöner wärs wenns schöner wär (Conceptstore für nachhaltiges Design), Oranienstr. 58a, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)
Open M-F 11am-7pm, Sat noon-4pm
Tel. +49 30 43201488


great tip - i didn't know this place!

my aunt had a stamp game like that for the kids: tree outlines to stamp your own leaves, fruit or flowers on. i loved it.

What gorgeous cards! At least we can create our own springtime, even if it's reluctant to appear. I'm a stationery addict so this is a must.

Kristina, I should get a set like that for S. She'll get covered with ink but have such fun...

Vanessa, I know. A few days later now and it's just as chilly.

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