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This year’s rhubarb


This rhubarb from the Zionskirchplatz market became a rhubarb crumble last night. I've tried fiddly recipes with ground almonds and oat flakes, but my mother-in-law's recipe is simplicity itself. Slice a kilogram of rhubarb into the bottom of a gratin pan and mix in a little white sugar. Rub 200 grams of butter into 400 grams of 550 white flour, then toss in 200 grams of white sugar. Spread the crumble over the rhubarb, then sprinkle with a spoonful of demerra brown sugar. Slide into the waiting oven (375 F/190 C) for 40 minutes or so, and serve with a pitcher of milk or cream.

Zionskirchplatz Farmers Market, Thursdays from noon to 6:30pm


Mmm, this is a real favourite of mine. I'll stock up on the pink stuff from Karl August Platz this Saturday and try out your recipe.

i love rhubarb crumble. and i shall be trying this recipe!

(love your photo, such a nice perspective.)

Vanessa, oh lucky you -- I need to make it back to the KAP market soon.

Kristina, let me know how it turns out. Subsequent browsing suggests hers is a bit richer than most recipes, but I suppose that's why my husband remembers it so fondly.

this sounds good, thank you!! :)

Love simplicity & rhubarb crumble. Thanks!

Sounds delicious!
There's a strong chance that I'll be moving to Berlin next summer and your blog is really making me want to speed up the process.

Felicia, This Time Now

Felicia, you should get in touch when you do.

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