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Checking in


A poor show, this silence, and now can you believe we're off to Scotland? Too much has happened in the scant week we've been home (about which more details another time), but I have my fingers crossed that a quiet night in a Glasgow hotel room will let me write a little more. This view from Leiweinhof as a placeholder for now, calendar-trite, I know, but special to me because when my eyes rested on this horizon one early evening the world felt perfect.


Oh, I'm off to Scotland too in a couple of weeks - you lucky thing, those trips and escaping the heat and humidity. Seriously, have fun.

not trite at all - i would get an "all's well with the world" feeling too, when seeing that horizon.

Vanessa, where will you be?

Kristina, it was an "all is well with the world moment". I'll have to write more about that trip -- so many treasures! -- but will stick to postcards from Scotland for now.

when i see this pic i got so, so, so, so much wanderlust!! so, so much. *hmmmmmm*.. wish you more "world felt perfect"-evenings with this horizon and in other ways:) lotte.

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