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So much going on! I've wanted to see Helvetica for years and what better place to catch it than the Buchstabenmuseum's sparkling new rooms in Karl-Liebknecht-Straße? There are free screenings at 1pm, 2:45pm and 4:30pm with white wine and Alpine cheese served alongside; do donate generously. Otherwise, I think anyone interested in food or the world should see Food, Inc. Etsy is hosting a screening at their Berlin office this Wednesday; RSVP here. And I've been wanting to write about the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt since their debut in May, and was all set to mention that you can catch them this Sunday, but it turns out this driving rain has scrapped those plans. Catch them, though, on the third Sunday of the month in September.

And finally, you might best like to explore Plänterwald's now-derelict amusement park on a drizzly afternoon with a thermos of Earl Grey and a poetic companion in tow, but if you'd prefer to visit the Spreepark with a crowd, swing by Luna Land this weekend. FYI homebodies: David says Achterbahn is very good.


hi sylee!

have wanted to visit the plaenterwald amusement park for a long time. have you been?

today, i'm heading over to the 'new' farmers' market on seelower strasse (spent far too much money there last saturday). have you been yet?

and how's the move?

questions... :)

Kristina, the park really is dreamy on a wet autumn day. We should go wander! & yes, I'm so excited about the farmers market. It was great when it first made its debut, but the stalls have dwindled since then with the holiday season. I'm hoping it will pick up in September. What did you think? It seems cruel to have it begin just as we're leaving.

We've now got glossy cream walls and the peeling wallpaper is gone, hurrah! I still need a sofa and some comfortable chairs, and maybe a bedframe too because I'm a little tired of a mattress on the floor. I don't think we need to worry about S rolling out anymore. Lamps, too. But I bought the most jaunty desk from a woman around the corner who helped us carry it over, and that makes the bedroom feel like home.

hi again! oh, that would be lovely - we must do that!

and i really, really want that market to stay, it's just perfect! i took photos there last saturday and will post about it on mostly berlin as soon as i get a chance.

i'll send you an email about other stuff too...

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