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Elderflowers two months too late


Oh my darlings, it just doesn't stop, does it? I have in mind that perfect pool of quiet, but happy events conspire to keep me unsettled. Two months of travelling and we returned to learn that, after more than two years of looking, we finally have found a three-room flat.

When we raced north in the ICE this June the elder bushes thronging the countryside bobbed white. At Taxhof I clipped a few heads of blossoms and steeped them to a sweet cordial. I meant to write about it just as soon as I returned. Now they're hopelessly out of season.

The move consumes me, and it will be a jumble, then, for a little while, with further notes from here and there, while I clear my head. Do tell me everything you know about moving companies, painters, and perhaps little places to get secondhand furniture, because there will be space to grow.


one thing i do know: not every box needs to be unpacked in a timely manner! that said, buy a permanent broad-tipped marking pen. use same to label every box for contents. unpack what is needed & don't worry about the rest! moving reminds a person how much stuff they have & why do they have so much that needs to be shifted?! good luck on the move.

What good news! Will you be staying near where you are or are you going to a different part of Berlin?
Can't help out on the practical side unfortunately, but I wish you all a smooth transition. And I second petoskystone!

Petoskystone, it's true, and makes me glad we've flensed our flat of as much excess as possible during our years of searching. Perhaps I will be brave this time and dispose of boxes I haven't had cause to open once they've sat around for six months.

Jo, just around the corner, but with that all-important extra room, and only 350 meters from S's nursery! Thank you for the bright wishes.

That sound perfect! Have a good move. Sorry to bug you - is it that englisch speaking nursery you spoke of once?

Jo, it is that bilingual Kita I hoped for! She's just bursting into language and I'm so glad she'll have English alongside German.

That is very lucky! How nice! L. will be one in a fortnight...

oh that's such good news! congrats!

when i last moved, i hired students through "heinzelmännchen" (i think that's a humboldt uni student service) and a robben & wientjes van. the guys were a great help and we were done in a couple of hours.

otherwise i've heard zapf offer good prices, but haven't used them myself.

Jo, so fast!

Kristina, I've been meaning to check out those Heinzelmännchen. Thank you for the tip!

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