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10 posts from August 2010

In the afternoon

The failing light keeps changing. Of all the corners in my flat I'll miss this radiator the most.

Spices for the fall (Pot & Pepper revisited)


The shortening days have triggered my nesting instinct, and I'll return to Steglitz this week to stock up on fresh spices and dried herbs at Pot & Pepper. Last year I brought home hickory smoked salt to sprinkle into baked beans and chilis; bright, strong garam masala as a back-up when my mother's blend ran out; and ground chipotles so I could attempt a further set of Deborah Madison's southwestern recipes. This year I'll try the fresh harvest of Tasmanian pepper and  the Japanese blends that Shoko Kono developed for the spice shop. And isn't it time to finally buy a bottle of orange water for my cupboard?

Pot & Pepper, Kieler Strasse 9, Berlin-Steglitz (map)
M-F 11 am-7 pm, Sat 11am-4pm
Tel. (030) 81827 983



So much going on! I've wanted to see Helvetica for years and what better place to catch it than the Buchstabenmuseum's sparkling new rooms in Karl-Liebknecht-Straße? There are free screenings at 1pm, 2:45pm and 4:30pm with white wine and Alpine cheese served alongside; do donate generously. Otherwise, I think anyone interested in food or the world should see Food, Inc. Etsy is hosting a screening at their Berlin office this Wednesday; RSVP here. And I've been wanting to write about the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt since their debut in May, and was all set to mention that you can catch them this Sunday, but it turns out this driving rain has scrapped those plans. Catch them, though, on the third Sunday of the month in September.

And finally, you might best like to explore Plänterwald's now-derelict amusement park on a drizzly afternoon with a thermos of Earl Grey and a poetic companion in tow, but if you'd prefer to visit the Spreepark with a crowd, swing by Luna Land this weekend. FYI homebodies: David says Achterbahn is very good.

Next door


The neighboring building's entryway makes me nostalgic. Are you tired of my nostalgia? I think my husband is. Another time I'll show you the ivy-covered brick wall (perhaps I'll wait till it's turned crimson come September).

Rain/Teak/Thai Park

Sunday afternoon and the streets washed clean. A satisfying sense of accomplishment after traipsing to Wilmersdorf to buy my first furniture for the new flat. I had squinted at the photos online unsure if they were my sort of thing, but in person I was sure they were. (We might not have space for the coffee table though so let me know if you might want it.)

Afterwards I went to Thai Park and shared a dish of noodles with S beneath a louring sky. I assumed there were Thai prices and non-Thai prices but I watched carefully and everyone seemed to be handing over 5 euros for a generous plate of pad thai so I felt reassured.

Tomorrow we begin stripping our Raufasertapete! I would so love to understand why people feel moved to apply the stuff to their walls.

Thai Park (Preußenpark), Berlin-Wilmersdorf (map)
Thai food for sale weekend afternoons. The vendors and gamblers are undaunted by the rain, driving steel poles into the ground to erect makeshift canopies.


Outtakes: A puddled path


In my next post I'll be back in Berlin.

Outtakes: Dean Gallery