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Outtakes: Edinburgh bells

Thinking of moving makes me smile at these princely bells, glimpsed on the way to the Dean.


I like this photo !

What a beautiful colour combination. May I save this picture in my Scotland file on my mac for looking at now and then?
I spent many a night in a hotel right near the Dean gallery, there is that lovely stream nearby, I would go to the Dean and then walk down the steps and along the little wild river.

Ingrid, thank you!

Jo, really? What were you doing there? I looked longingly down at that river through the trees, but then we had to rush to meet an aunt at the Caledonia for afternoon tea.

I worked as an air hostess for 10 years before L. came into our lives. Am still employed, but will probably not return as I was quite sleep disturbed. Edinburgh was my all time favourite.
Afternoon tea at the Caledonia must have been fun!

oh, to be called dalrymple. i thought only characters from 19th century novels were...

Jo, lucky you to be there so often.

Kristina, I know!

The stream is the "Water of Leith" - there's more about it on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Village

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