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Rain/Teak/Thai Park

Sunday afternoon and the streets washed clean. A satisfying sense of accomplishment after traipsing to Wilmersdorf to buy my first furniture for the new flat. I had squinted at the photos online unsure if they were my sort of thing, but in person I was sure they were. (We might not have space for the coffee table though so let me know if you might want it.)

Afterwards I went to Thai Park and shared a dish of noodles with S beneath a louring sky. I assumed there were Thai prices and non-Thai prices but I watched carefully and everyone seemed to be handing over 5 euros for a generous plate of pad thai so I felt reassured.

Tomorrow we begin stripping our Raufasertapete! I would so love to understand why people feel moved to apply the stuff to their walls.

Thai Park (Preu├čenpark), Berlin-Wilmersdorf (map)
Thai food for sale weekend afternoons. The vendors and gamblers are undaunted by the rain, driving steel poles into the ground to erect makeshift canopies.



Is this Thai food sale every weekend? I clicked on the link but unfortunately my German is just not good enough to make out too much.

Suzan, yes, I'm pretty sure the Thai food is on sale every weekend that one can possibily manage to sit outside. As I say, they rigged up awnings, so I think they're rather hardy.

Excellent! Thank you! Oh and thank you for adding my blog onto your links page.

Your pics are lovely, these look so good!

Thai food my favorite german dish, as I am a Thai woman can say :)

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