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Spices for the fall (Pot & Pepper revisited)


The shortening days have triggered my nesting instinct, and I'll return to Steglitz this week to stock up on fresh spices and dried herbs at Pot & Pepper. Last year I brought home hickory smoked salt to sprinkle into baked beans and chilis; bright, strong garam masala as a back-up when my mother's blend ran out; and ground chipotles so I could attempt a further set of Deborah Madison's southwestern recipes. This year I'll try the fresh harvest of Tasmanian pepper and  the Japanese blends that Shoko Kono developed for the spice shop. And isn't it time to finally buy a bottle of orange water for my cupboard?

Pot & Pepper, Kieler Strasse 9, Berlin-Steglitz (map)
M-F 11 am-7 pm, Sat 11am-4pm
Tel. (030) 81827 983


I had been looking for a place like this since I settled in Berlin - er, 4 weeks only -- so no so much time obviously -- but missing garam masala and the likes it seemed much longer ;-)
So lots of thanks for the tip and for your blog in general!

Plappern, it's the perfect place to go when setting up house. Be warned that the owner can be a bit brusque but I think he's sweet at heart.

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