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Apricot dumplings of an afternoon


I can't imagine a nicer way to inaugurate my new kitchen, but it's a little dangerous to discover how easy Marillenknödel are to make. Ours were so pretty fresh out of the pan, powdered in a neat ring, but we were too hungry for photography then. The recipe is from the ever-reliable Nicky.

I meant to mention the new farmers' market in Seelower Straße and forgot, so I was glad to see Kristina capture it so well. It's a bit cruel to have it open just as we're leaving Arnimplatz but at least I can enjoy it when I'm back to pack boxes.

Bauernmarkt an der Seelower Straße, Saturdays 10am-4pm (map)


those dumplings look divine!!

and thanks for your kind words... :)

Kristina, thanks! I'm itching to try them with Zwetschgen now, or even Mirabellen for marble-sized toddler-friendly treats.

i smiled when i saw my name under "future berliners" :) because it's true!

Sandra, I dream that one day all the people I love will live in Berlin.

Thank you for the market-tipps... and the wonderfull photos!

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