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Romas of an evening

Now is indisputably the season for tomatoes with little done to them. Dinner tonight is five sorts (yellow Romas above) with slices of fried manouri alongside. Kiepert & Kutzner had fourteen local varieties when I went in on Wednesday; I can't wait to see what I'll find at the markets tomorrow.


Thanks for the heads up! Will see what the markets have in stall this weekend.

Which farmer's markets can you recommend in Berlin?


I can't wait either! I will be hovering around your site...waiting! That Kiepert & Kutzner place seems interesting, will have to have a little poker around there... : )

Like these colors in the picture!

Rob, I love the smaller greenmarkets in my neighborhood, such as the ones at Helmholzplatz (Saturdays 9am-4pm), Zionskirchplatz (Thursdays 11am-6:30pm) and Arkonaplatz (Fridays noon-6pm) as well the Thursday market at Kollwitzplatz (noon-6pm). The ones at Lausitzer Platz (Fridays noon-6pm) and Chamissoplatz (Saturdays 8am-2pm) also great. If you'd like something bigger I would suggest the Karl-August-Platz market in Wilmersdorf (Saturdays 8-2pm). I've posted on most of these so see my archives for more details. Oh, and the one at Domäne Dahlem -- hmm, I should stop here and do a post!

Jonquil & Ingrid, thank you!

Foodie, you will definitely have to check out Kiepert & Kutzner -- it's my favorite local organic shop in the neighborhood. Otherwise have you been to Kraut & Rüben yet? http://www.kraut-und-rueben-berlin.de/

Thanks for the tips.. will have to stop by the markets next weekend.

I can second Kiepert & Kutzner, great bio shop and deceptively big!

Also recommend the guy selling the apple juice at the Mauerpark market on Sundays. Always has a nice stock of seasonal veg from his farm, or wild-garden I think he calls it.

i must try the tomatoes at k&k then. this year i've only once found tomatoes that tasted really good - heirlooms from the small market on seelower strasse. i don't know what it is... the watery tomato curse, no doubt.

Rob, I haven't seen the apple juice man at Mauerpark. Will look out for him.

Kristina, the ones at K&K are from a nearby farm, and I've had such excellent luck so far with richly perfumed fruit. I'll try the ones at Seelower Straße this week!

Your picture is exquisite - such colours and textures. I want to enjoy the summer flavours while they last.

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