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On our way to Hamburger Bahnhof


It's been this sort of day for a few days now.


I love how the walk to the Hamburger Bahnhof keeps it real.

Afterwards, we went to the Sarah Wiener restaurant. How did they manage to find such pale, pale tomatoes to put in a club sandwich? The set-up is very child-friendly though, if you've got small people to feed on a wet day. I might try the fresh apple strudel next time. Have you had it?


I haven't been yet, but it's on my list. I'm feeling depressed about Berlin food today. Had a miserable lunch on Helmholtzplatz...

Funny. I've been reading your blog from afar for 15 months or so. Saw the Bruce Naumann show on Sunday at the Hamb Bahnhof and smiled to see you were there later. Just wanted to say I like your blog.

Luisa: Pooh, where? It's true, things can be rotten around here, and ever-more ambitiously priced...

Bethany, thank you! It all feels so anonymous sometime, kind words are a great treat.

Someone told me about this place the other day and I can't wait to try the coffee and cake. Hamburger Bahnhof is great - did you enjoy the exhibition? Berlin seemed depressing after that brief Indian summer last week but I'm still hoping for good weather soon.

Vanessa, the cake did look good. I have to confess S was most interested in the lockers in the entryway, so that's where we lingered longest. The sky was so beautiful this morning but now the gray lid has been clapped back down. Tja...

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