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Federweißer again


These circles, these rituals! Every year I talk about Federweißer; every year, it's a consolation for the crisp cool September air. The instant I saw a bottle I knew I had to buy it and have friends over. This sweet foaming almost-wine is the perfect fleeting pleasure to share. (And those who find it too low-brow are welcome to the red wine in the cupboard.)

It used to be hard to buy but it seems most wine shops manage to find some these days. Novices take note: because the liquid is still fermenting the tops are capped but not corked, so be sure you keep your bottle upright when you take it home!


Federweißer is one of my very favorite things about Germany and one reason that I wish, every fall, that I were living there. Le sigh. Have a big glass for me.

And a glass for me - I am still nursing L. We live in a wine area here and the city is packed with stands... you'd love it!

in my area of the east coast, new wine season (brief as it is) also is big for our local wine shops.

Just made a gorgeous onion tart to go with the new wine!
Fun, friendly and a perfect nite in!

Emily, I've been drinking it whenever I find it.

Jo, you lucky thing!

Jonquil, interesting, I didn't realize you could find it on the East Coast too. May I ask where?

Antiques Diva, mhmm, I love creamy savory tarts.

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