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The Ivy Update


This is what the wall looks like now. This is also the view from my desk, and my answer when people ask how I could bear to move into such an ugly building.


such my favorite shade of red! & one which i have yet to see re-produced in yarn or fabric...

Wow, how quickly things change and what a lovely view. Don't listen to what people say; inside the ugliest buildings, you can find the nicest flats. My friends are often horrified I live in Pankow and imagine it to be as far out as Marzahn so I always enjoy surprising them when they visit me.

Jonquil, I love the idea of an ivy yarn going through the changes of the seasons.

Vanessa, your words made me smile. I'm still adjusting to a modern flat after ten years in old buildings.

hi there, i just moved to berlin. also just found your blog (looking for a letterpress printer, as it happens) - and it's wonderful - i've just gladly wasted half my day hanging out with you here. thank you :)

i also love the red ivy and keep forgetting to take pics of it wherever i see it. i was on sonnenallee the other day and there were three walls of it one after the other - so sublime.

Lauren, your comment made me so happy -- thank you. The ivy's at its peak now, no? & not sure if you found Sabrina's blog/company Small Caps, but just in case you still want a letterpress printer, I think she does nice work: http://www.smallcaps-berlin.de/

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