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Etienne brought sunflowers on Sunday and they shed an exquisite pollen.


a lovely shade of gold.

More washing up -- oh no!

Jonquil, I was so entranced by the pollen collecting on the countertops that I placed a plate beneath the blossoms to catch it. It seems the basis for projects, no?

David, you're silly!

Hi, on the subject of pollen. We plan on offering fresh pollen from Bees located within the Berlin city limits - starting next year. A greate protein source for your morning muesli. :)

Anyway, we are a collective of Berlin Bee Keepers with a mission. Would love to chat more.


Jemi, really? There was a man selling it at the market this spring and I found it magical. I love the idea of a truly local source. Tell me more about what you do, I'd love to learn more!

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