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The integrity of the Berlin Wall

It's a cheap laugh, but I couldn't resist photographing this sign in front of the Newseum's section of Berlin Wall. For her part, S couldn't resist the transplanted death tower, which she co-opted as a nonce playhouse, trying to hang her pink cardigan on one of the concrete walls. (No, I didn't seek out the Berlin Wall on November 8th, but there it was, on our way to the food court, an unanticipated whiff of home.)

Photo taken from Frank Schirrmeister's series Leere Stadt I

Meanwhile, keeping with the nostalgia, here's Weinmeister Stra├če as it looked for as long as I could remember before, one day, Casa Camper took this vacant lot's spot. The editors of Places at Design Observer were in touch to mention a piece Millay Hyatt wrote about walking the path of the Berlin Wall, and they were right to guess this beautiful essay would speak to me. They're running a slideshow of Frank's Berlin photographs on the site this Thursday, so watch for that too. Update: here it is!


page bookmarked & looking forward to the photos! the sign gave me a smile, also. & thanks for the link to the walk-article.

That essay is simply wonderful and I'm going to re-read it again tomorrow. Have you ever cycled the trail of part of the Wall? I think it'd be interesting. Sigh, your photo makes me nostalgic for a less gentrified East but we should make the most of what we have, eh? Hope your trip was good and I'm so pleased you like my Venice photos.

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