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Café Richter

Inevitably there'll be an aged diva with sunglasses and a ballerina's poise, frowning down her long nose at the newspaper, when you go to Cafe Richter. It's not just the people-watching that's fabulous in this old-school Charlottenburg coffeehouse/bakery. Lately memories of their elegant, nutty Linzer cookies have begun to consume me. Christmastime seems the right season to revisit it; it's the perfect antidote to Too Much Mitte.

Cafe Richter (Coffeehouse & Bakery), Giesebrechtstraße 22, Berlin-Charlottenburg (map)
Open daily 7am-7pm
Tel. 030 324 3722


Hey! That's right by Mommseneck! The original Haus der 100 Biere. I love that section, though the beer selection at Mommseneck could definitely be improved upon.

I love this, its right by our apartment - roll on 27th December, I'm coming for a visit and cannot wait - Cafe Richter will definitely get a visit or three, also Mommseneck's breakfast buffet which is such a full-on hot meat meal fest, they do beef and roast potatoes from about 9am!

I'm dying to go to this magical place. Linzer cookies are my favourites so let's indulge. Am nervous about getting back to my beloved Berlin tomorrow as heavy snow is forecast in the UK and there's so much I want to do there before the holidays.

Did you get back to Germany Vanessa? I heard Heathrow was closed all day today, not sure about the rest. Our countryside is white and beautiful but the cities are grey, brown and slushy! Hope you travelled safe!

Yes, I was very lucky as the blizzard that was supposed to come in the night arrived a few hours after my departure. My parents said they have to dig their way out of the front door.

Daniel, it's true, it's easy to get your old-school fix in those parts.

Elizabeth, really? Lucky you!

Vanessa, I'm glad you made it home safely. Such layers of snow today!

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