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Elsewhere: 24 Hours in Brooklyn


We met at Franklin Avenue, where James surprised me by having a car. We drove to Vinegar Hill but it hadn't opened yet so we went to look at the water. Southernmanhattanwaternightfall

Here is the picture everyone has taken. Then we drove to Red Hook, which I didn't know and liked for its local air. After middling beers we had dinner at the Good Fork. Dear New Yorkers who have moved to Berlin, I think I might understand what you miss. I suppose the fried oyster po'boy was my favorite -- I closed my eyes in delight at the first bite -- though I ate more than my share of James' aioli toast and can't stop thinking about the chewy density of the shrimp scallion pancakes. 


In the morning the guest room had a painterly softness.


James took me out for bagels, then walked me to Greenlight Books.

In the hours before I got on my train, I savored the light. I will share more photos of the ground tomorrow.


I love the Gullideckel shot!

beautiful words + photos. that water is unreal.

xo Alison

It's funny, part of the reason I moved to Berlin was because it reminded me of Brooklyn (where I was living at the time). When we visited in October, I realized I missed Brooklyn, and not the rest of New York. It took me forever to figure it out.

It's too bad you were only there 24 hours. It really is a wonderful place.

Olivia, is that what it's called?

Alison, thank you.

Daniel, I know, it killed me too, but it was my first night away from my little daughter and I thought I'd better keep it short. I was supposed to meet James at City Bakery but after a couple of hours in Manhattan I was itching to escape. When I stepped out of the Franklin Avenue station I felt I'd come home. Brooklyn feels like a first language the way Berlin does; I'm longing to find other cities that do. I hadn't realized you moved here from New York... By the way we're hoping to get back to Brooklyn with a flat swap next year so tell your friends!

Oh wow--you went to the Good Fork and Greenlight?? Two of my favorites. I'm writing this in Brooklyn and yet somehow you're still making me nostalgic for it. Guess it's time to remember my backyard....

EfB, it's funny, that happens to me too when newcomers write about Berlin.

That picture of the manhole cover, it looks like something magic is about to happen, or just happened. Your photographs are gorgeous Sylee!

Suzy, thank you! I feel this short trip was my camera's lucky 24 hours.

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