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2011 (II)


But where is daily life in all of this? There was Zotter in my slippers this morning, and homemade stollen on my countertop, waiting to be toasted for breakfast. Happy times!

Meanwhile, two more calendars for 2011. Sandra Siewert and Dirk Berger's stark, stylish renditions of Berlin's embassies are just my taste. The Czech embassy (above) might be my favorite. The generously sized screen-printed calendars (black ink on white paper) are 18.50 EUR at their shop or online.

And do you know the Typodarium? A tear-away calendar, a font a day, inspiration every morning. They're on sale at the Buchstabenmuseum, where 20 EUR will buy you a calendar and a keychain with the laser-cut letter of your choosing. This Friday from 5pm-9pm Anja and Barbara will host an afternoon with the Typodarium publishers.

-- And now it's tomorrow, and I never did manage to hit "post" on this last night. Off to photograph the misty morning, all deep blues rich as butter.

Typodarium in Berlin_neu


Was in Berlinomat just yesterday drooling over the Sandra Siewert and Dirk Berger. Hopefully I dropped enough hints that my wife will buy it for me ;)
Absolutely love your blog, keep the posts coming!

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