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Outside, Inside

It just keeps coming down. Home with an ailing toddler, rereading Tender at the Bone, making pot-au-feu. I'll bake cookies next.


hope the baby feels better soonest!

I like Reichl very much as well. My 4 yo had a day of vomiting and it seems to be going around Berlin- but it was only 1 day. I hope yours is as well and the baby is better soon.

Oh no! Layla had some stomach bug which turned into a cold now!
That's a good book, a bit nutsy that Reichl - what with the wigs and all that.
We should meet for a coffee with the kids when yours is a bit better?

I know I can't believe all this snow! So sorry S. is sick but I'm sure she's in good hands. I'd never heard of this book but it sounds great and I can't wait to see which cookies you make. Take care Sylee.

(Husband report) S. is doing much better and is happily pottering around again. Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes!

Petoskystone, thank you! She's full of boodles again today, thank heavens.

G, it does seem to be going around. 5 kids at S's Kita have been down so far. But as you say it passes quickly.

Suzy, I thought we should get together with the girls too, especially when I saw L's little hand clutching a rubber spatula. There are few things that please S more than vigorous stirring. Cake party? I'll send you an email.

Vanessa, you're welcome to borrow it and Comfort Me with Apples -- both wonderful under the eaves with the snow pattering down.

David, hi you there!

i have been almost housebound due to snow for about a week in england.. i have actually quite enjoyed taking a slower pace!!

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