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A day in Birkenwerder


When we woke to sun and temperatures above freezing, we knew we had to seize the moment.


We rode the S8 north past windmills and fields to the town of Birkenwerder.


When we left the train station and walked north along the train tracks, the scenery was not so promising.

After a stop at the Wintergarten in the Gasthaus am Boddensee we were revived enough to cross the Autobahn and walk up the hill to Briese.


I had heard this nature reserve was worth a visit.

My heart lifted when I spotted water through the bare trees.

David and S stood on the rickety bridge and played Poohsticks while I explored the water.


The beaver dam was a thing of wonder. I'll come back to the Waldschule when it re-opens in March to learn more about the forest.


What a lovely day you had for yourselves there! My husband spent many a nice walk at Birkenwerder, he tells me. We are debating whether we will end up in Berlin or Edinburgh on day. Any opinions welcome.
So good to know you are around somehow, plodding along up there!

I've never been to Birkenwerder but feel inspired. Your photos are so beautiful, especially the fourth one and the idea of playing Poohsticks is a charming one. Enjoy the rest of Sunday, xx.

Jo, well, I have friends who moved to Edinburgh with their one-year-old in September and they're pining for Berlin now -- so much more child-friendly, they say! -- so I think you'll just have to come here. I have my own list of arguments too, including affordable childcare, good public schools, tons of creative outdoor playgrounds and the great public transport system. And cafes and restaurants are so much more welcoming when you have a little one in tow!

Vanessa, it's so easy to get to from Pankow too. I'm dying to go back once there's a little green on the trees.

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