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And with that, she was gone


You see that innocent grassy knoll above? That's where the Clavie is burned every year. Afterwards, stovies are served in the village hall. This pagan fire festival takes place in the village where my parents-in-law live, and it's one of the many things I'm looking forward to on our week-long sojourn in Burghead. It will be my first winter visit to Scotland: watch for frosty seagrass and snowy pine forests just as soon as I get online again. Off to the airport now!


I love Scotland!
OK, so I'm only 1/16th Scottish and lived in Edinburgh for just 6 months, but it feels like home.
Absolutely beautiful.

Oh, Sylee, that is marvellous, we want to go in Summer and I cannot wait! It is a beautiful place (how could your husband leave!!!)

Do enjoy every minute.

I often wonder how you manage all you do? Are you never tired?


oh, my! dramatic landscapes ahead. enjoy!

we are holding a Burns supper at our supperclub on the 29th if you would like to sample more Scottish food. check out our link
still spots available.

James, ah, 1/16 more than me, though, but I'm with you.

Jo, thank you! Where are you going? I think Moray is fabulous and refreshingly untouristed compared to some parts of the country. Do tell me if I can help with tips! And oh, I'm tired so often, but S is sleeping better now.

Jonquil, it all seems so ordinary while I'm there, and I have to keep reminding myself to take photographs because it will be remarkable once I'm back.

Kelsie, yum, thanks for the tip! They were advertising one at the Harbour Cafe and I got all dreamy over neeps & tatties.

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