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Cake at Ludwigskirchplatz

When I walked into Oliv for the first time, the crumbles in the Weck jars were the first thing I noticed. When a woman walked in bearing a tray of these beauties I had to know who she was. It turned out Alexandra Kruse doesn't just supply Oliv, nibs and Einstein with delectable baked goods, she also has a spun-sugar coffee shop of her own. Sweet 2 Go is tucked into a quiet corner of Ludiwgskirchplatz and I walked through yesterday's snow, I couldn't resist a half-hour in the bright interior. I settled on a simple slice of Saftkuchen and watched the children pick their way over the ice on their way from school. For those in a less modest mood, the shelves are crowded with crumbles, cupcakes, and a freezer full of flavors from buttermilk-sesame to coffee and cassis.

Sweet 2 Go, Pfalzburger Stra├če 79 (map)
Open daily 11am-6pm
Tel. (030) 34 62 03 26


You're kidding! I had no idea. You always find out the best stuff. :)

Sounds like another good one. I agree with Luisa, you have a nose for these places.

How lovely that sounds! You do get around!! Our little L is absolutely adamant not to get her snow gear on so we are settling to a lot of cake in our house!!

Sending best wishes for this fresh new year your way, S.


The icecream is really good, too! We spend nearly all our weekends there in the summer, the playground across the street is one of the nicer ones.

Luisa, Suzy, thank you! They play a cheesy radio station and serve a cheap Earl Grey but then, I sometimes think I'll scream if I see another Kusmi tin. And I *like* Kusmi teas (Anastasia!) but you know? And Marguerite, that freezer looked like a treasure chest. Can we all meet there on the first fluttering-warm day this spring?

Jo, one of S's first proto-sentences (at the tender age of 14 months) was "Park -- cafe -- fun". The one German word she reliably pronounces is Milchschaum. So yes, I have managed to raise a cafe addict, but now I am clamoring for more tea-times at home! Much love to you all from me too - xx

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