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Cherry branches from below and above


I bought cherry branches at the Blumencafe last night. By morning, they had stained the vase water this amber. I had never thought of the redness being in the tree, but it's true, even the cut ends have gone blush-dark.

Now I'm waiting for the stubby branches to break into leaf and flower.



You have inspired me. I was just thinking about how to deal with my Berlin winter blues and I think this might be just the way. I'll have to stop by the Blumencafe sometime in the next few days...

That will look beautiful! We had Forsythia on our windowsill in full bloom for New Year. It is so cheerful...!

love cherry blossoms. so cheerful.

Michelle, I'm glad! That lush greenery always lifts me - or try the wonderful sauna a little further south: http://www.olivin-berlin.com/

Jo, I want forsythia too now!

Jonquil, can't wait for them to pop out.

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