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Lunch at the Kantine


I was early to meet my friend for lunch and the Kantine was so tranquil when I arrived.


I had plenty of time to study the handwritten menu. The baked sweet potato with chorizo, lentils and cabanossi sausages seemed the thing to get, but the Maultaschen were calling my name.


The waitress was effortlessly warm and I didn't even mind when they mixed up my order at first. When the Maultaschen came I was glad I had heeded their call. The rich beef and spinach filling was perfectly spiced and the pasta wrapper so buttery and tender.


Then I was greedy and couldn't resist dessert. It was a glorious mess of a glass, filled with crumbled bits of cookies and brownies, and plentiful dollops of cream and custard. I couldn't imagine a better thing to do with last night's leftovers.


Olwen told us a former colleague had done the interior design. The lampshades were made from glasses originally used to catch eel. The tables were made from recycled wood. I knew the Dielerei and Not a Wooden Spoon are doing magical pieces with old Berlin floorboards, but Katja Buchholz's work was new to me.


This not-so-secret secret place tucked behind a parking lot will close after March. If I'm lucky I'll make it for one of their fancy dinners before then.

Kantine, Joachimstra├če 11, Berlin-Mitte (map)
Open Tue-Fri from 10am, lunch 12.30pm-4pm. Dinner Tue-Sat from 7pm. Check out the website for the night's dinner menu.
Reservations taken at 030/6111412 or 0173/9979037
Update May 2011: Closed


The dessert looks great. Same for the interior.

Do you know why they are closing? I checked their website but couldn't find anything.

What a wonderful place. I want to go there right this moment!

heard good things about this place but haven't made it there yet - sounds like i'd better hurry!

p.s.: wonderful pictures, love the way you've done this post, so engaging!

Ohlalala. I'd love to go but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it before march...

the food looks great! what happens with the furniture & such when a place closes?

they are closing because the building owners are demolishing for a skyscraper

Everyone, thank you! Yes, I left out the most important details in my post. The lot belongs to David Chipperfield and eventually the space occupied by Kantine will be torn down to extend the architect's office and create more retail space. My friend says the work might begin a little later so the Kantine might be open a little longer after all, but it was always planned as a temporary restaurant.

Jonquil, I like the way you think.

a good chair can be hard to find.

Looks delightful! But then so does pretty much everything you post on here :)

What a great tip! Have a lunch date next week with a girlfriend and was looking for the perfect place! Et voila, you to the rescue!

A handwritten menu!? How cool!. Love those big wooden tables.

Jonquil, Paul, Toma, thank you!

Ida, I imagine there must be something satisfyingly meditative about writing the dishes down again and again on thick brown paper.

What a pity! Now it's closed.

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